5 Things You Should Know When You Turn 21

Everyone has been through the age of 21. Well, technically not for some Gen Y and even more so, Gen Z. When you turn 21 people has always considered you as a young adult. This is when you have reached the legal age of drinking, gambling, smoking etc. You can do whatever you want like what adults do without anybody controlling you. (Except for some insecure parents of course). When you turned 21 you definitely will have some thoughts on how you move on with life. Realistically, there are few things that you opt to know before your real life begins.

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Who Is… PewDiePie?

pewdiepie Pic 1Source: Google Image

PewDiePie, also known as Felix Kjellberg (to pronounce is “Shell-Berg”) is a famous YouTuber that is known for his gaming commentary. He started his YouTube career when he was 21. Initially, he started YouTube gaming as his hobby and later on his channel has boomed dramatically over the years. In July 2012, his channel has reached 1,000,000 subscribers! In May 2017, he has over 55,000,000 subscribers which rated as Number 1 YouTuber of all time. (That is even higher than the total population of Malaysia!)

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