What Is… LGBTQ+?


Many people have perceived that LGBT community is a community for people who has different sexual orientation from a heterosexual person. Be it be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. However, what if someone who doesn’t know their sexual orientation from the beginning? Would a guy consider himself being gay because he’s not attracted to women nor men? What if a girl behaves like a tomboy and she’s classified as a lesbian? There are many questions remained of an individual preference regarding about their sexuality. In 1996, LGBTQ was recorded as Q being the “Queer”. However, it was never Continue reading “What Is… LGBTQ+?”


5 Reasons Why You Should Have Dogs At Home

dog with earphone.jpg

Dogs have been a companion to humans for over 18,000 years. A little furry ball playing at your house, running around like a goofball. You wouldn’t expect what kind of surprises they can give to you. In fact, some said that dogs are better than cats in terms of boosting up your mood. If you are considering getting a dog, here are 5 reasons why you should get it.

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Who Is… Dua Lipa?

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Dua Lipa (It is her real name) was born on 22nd August 1995. She is an English singer and songwriter and also, a model. Her music career was inspired by Christina Arguilera and Nelly Furtado on YouTube.  In 2017, she has gained tremendous amount of popularity because of her music and it is spreading to worldwide. In January 2017, she has won the EBBA Public Choice Award. Her first studio album was released on 2nd June 2017.

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Go To College/University

When you are still a senior high school student, you imagine yourself how is life in college. All the excitement and anticipation makes you wanna leave high school even more. Upon graduating from high school, your parents will usually send you to college for further studies. But you have no idea how college life is. It’s another adventure waiting for you in your life’s journey. You feel excited and nervous at the same time because you are a senior in high school and now you are back to becoming a junior with more people, people that are older than you. These are 5 things you should know before you go to college.

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What Does “LOL” Stands For?

LOL is an acronym that stands for “Laugh Out Loud“. It is widely used among Gen Y and Gen Z in their social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, text messaging etc. LOL is typically used when someone finds something hilarious or funny and they expressed out their feelings by saying LOL. Sometimes people just use LOL when they find something amused.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman has released its movie on the 2nd June 2017 and has shown tremendous amount of positive reviews from the show. In IMDB, the rating was 8.2 and Rotten Tomatoes has rated 93%! (It could be one of the best movies in 2017.) Wonder Woman was first seen in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie in 2014 with a minor role fighting against bad guys. Despite being a downfall of Batman vs. Superman, Wonder Woman takes its lead to climbing back up from its feet. In this Wonder Woman movie, it explains the origin of Wonder Woman and how she ended up living on Earth with other commoners. These are the 5 reasons why you should watch Wonder Woman.

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What Is… Fidget Spinner?

Images are for illustration purpose onlyImages are for illustration purpose only

The newest big hit toy that is arriving in the year 2017 is the one and only – The Fidget Spinner! This has been the craze where everybody started talking about in all age group. Lots of people have assumed that fidget spinner is just a normal toy. However, it is to say that it has the ability to improve people’s concentration.

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5 Values That Parents Should Teach Their Kids

It is common for every adult to be excited and totally hyped-up when their baby was born. Looking at their mushy hands and tiny legs in their baby clothes, it is undeniably irresistible to smooch and hug them when you see them. When their child is at a young age, many parents felt insecure with their children and tend to be very protective towards them. However, overpampered and overprotective may lead to their child to be a spoilt kid as they grow. Parents should know ways to discipline their children at a young age and should teach them the moralities in life.

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What Is… Shooting Star Meme?

Shooting Star Meme has gained its popularity in January 2017. The song “Shooting Star” were originally composed by the Australian duo Bag Raiders. It was released in the year 2008 and it became a single in 2009. This electro aesthetic music has reached over 49 million views in May 2017. But why it only gained its popularity now when the song is almost a decade old?

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