Hello readers,

A decade ago the world has advanced drastically and gradually approaching into a new phase change. It has been since a new era of evolution has come to change the world. A new beginning and new generations altogether to form what we called now – THE DIGITAL WORLD.

Handphones, computers, television to name a few are devices that we are overly attached to in our everyday life. Whether it is for business, assignments, education, gaming etc. we will always get devoted to these devices to perform our daily task. As such, many new terms and slangs have been created over the years and people have started to apply it in their daily conversations.

With the digital world today has help people to understand the importance of technology and the future development of the global network. However, living in a digital world has lead to a huge gap relation between other generations. Especially Generation X and Boomer generation. Generation X and Boomer exist before the digital world was created, while they were adapting the technology changes but yet their digital knowledge is far more lacking behind compare to Generation Y and Generation Z. Causing the lack of conversation between the younger generations.

This blog is created to explain the trends and issues revolving around the younger generation and help older generations to comprehend what Gen Y and Gen Z think and do in their daily life. This blog also helps the younger generation on self-improvement and guide them ways to live a better life. It is time for a change!


Before you start reading this blog, you better opt to know which generation category you are fallen into. As listed below are the generations category that you would likely want to know more:

BOOMER – Boomers are usually classified as people who are born during World War II. Typically ranging from 1940s to 1964. Boomers are the demographic cohort following Silent Generation. In this generation, they were motivated to change the world. In Malaysia, Boomers are more English savvy than other generation as Malaysia were ruled by Britain at one stage.

GENERATION X – aka Gen X. They are born following after Boomer generation. Typically ranging from 1960s to early 1980s. They are seen as “middle child” generation. It was squeezed in between Boomer and Generation Y. It is said that there is an increase of divorce rate among Gen X.

GENERATION Y – aka Gen Y or Millenials. They are born following after Generation X. Typically ranging from 1980s to 1990s. The boom of technology has started in this generation. Gen Y is usually more tech-savvy than any other generations.

GENERATION Z – aka Gen Z or Post-Millenials. They are the demographic cohort following Generation Y. Their birth years start from the year 2000 and it is yet to define a definite end birth year for this generation. This generation are more exposed to the usage of internet and social media.