What Does “LOL” Stands For?

LOL is an acronym that stands for “Laugh Out Loud“. It is widely used among Gen Y and Gen Z in their social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, text messaging etc. LOL is typically used when someone finds something hilarious or funny and they expressed out their feelings by saying LOL. Sometimes people just use LOL when they find something amused.

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Examples of Lol

“I lol-ed at my dog when he scares himself in the mirror.”

“Lol, that girl just did not put the whole tablespoon of salt instead of sugar into her coffee.”

Related Terms With Lol

Lul – Another term for LOL

Lulz – Another term for LOL

LOLOLOLOLOL – For added emphasis for LOL

LMAO – Laugh My Ass Out

ROFL – Roll On The Floor Laugh

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So how often do you use LOL?


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