What Is… Fidget Spinner?

Images are for illustration purpose onlyImages are for illustration purpose only

The newest big hit toy that is arriving in the year 2017 is the one and only – The Fidget Spinner! This has been the craze where everybody started talking about in all age group. Lots of people have assumed that fidget spinner is just a normal toy. However, it is to say that it has the ability to improve people’s concentration.

What Is Fidget Spinner Made Of And How It Works?

Fidget spinner consists of a bearing in the center of the design. The outer layer is usually made from material including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper, wood, and plastic. You can basically make your own fidget spinner yourself with just a few things to design and build. Usually a fidget spinner at retail sells fidget spinner with 3 blades, but you can customize your own spinner with more blades.

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Images are for illustration purpose only

Fidget spinner spins in a circular motion when someone applies force on the tip of the blades. The bearing of the spinner will support the blades to spin continuously due to the fact that the friction is minimal and causing the momentum within the blades are constantly moving.

Benefits Of Fidget Spinner

Research has shown that fidget spinner has helped children to improve their brain development. Initially, fidget spinner is given to the kids who has ADHD to concentrate better. As the spinner went viral, it serves as a tool for everybody to play with whether they are at the office, school, meetings, or reading a book. People just have an urge to do something with their hands when focusing.

Even though fidget spinner has used widely but many schools have banned fidget spinner for students as they could cause a distraction to students rather than helping them to focus. Fear not kids! Even though you don’t have a fidget spinner in school, you can just use your pen to spin just like fidget spinner. In this way, teachers don’t even bother of confiscating your pens anymore.

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