5 Values That Parents Should Teach Their Kids

It is common for every adult to be excited and totally hyped-up when their baby was born. Looking at their mushy hands and tiny legs in their baby clothes, it is undeniably irresistible to smooch and hug them when you see them. When their child is at a young age, many parents felt insecure with their children and tend to be very protective towards them. However, overpampered and overprotective may lead to their child to be a spoilt kid as they grow. Parents should know ways to discipline their children at a young age and should teach them the moralities in life.

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1. Honesty

Children usually lie so that they can avoid trouble. This is because many parents start yelling at them when they did something wrong. It is important for parents to not let go your temper and started yelling at them when they lie. Instead, it is advisable to take the time to listen to what they say and make them tell the truth. You can applaud them from telling the truth but also give appropriate punishments for the mistakes they did.

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom – Thomas Jefferson


Parents should teach their children to respect other people especially people who are older than them. Parents shall take the lead showing examples for their children as the way they learn is seeing you as a role model for them. Simply by saying “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Please” helps to enlighten up someone else’s mood.


Parents shall show never give up attitude to their children. Children at young were more persistent. Falling down a few times and getting back on their feet again. Walking, running, speaking etc. they never give up until they succeed. As they grow older, they give up easily by comparing themselves with others. Losing the confidence in them when someone is better than them. Parents should tell their children that you are proud of their achievements no matter what. Guiding them and encouraging them to move forward when they felt discouraged in life.

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Teach your kids that never hold grudges against somebody. When you hold grudges, you felt yourself totally miserable and eventually hurting yourself even more. Instead, they should think positive and show compassion to people whether their act was intention or unintentional to hurt them.

Source: powerofpositivity


Many parents have neglected to show empathy to their children. They would just pamper them with things they want. Many children have lack empathy and gradually developing narcissistic behaviors in within. They may hurt other people’s feelings without them realizing or knowing. Parents shall show compassion to other people by offering help to people in need or connect with people and listen to their side of the stories.

Being a parent is not easy. Parents play a vital role in children’s life as parents are the leading role model for them. The best way to teach your child values is by implementing the values within yourself and apply them in your daily life.




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