What Is… Shooting Star Meme?

Shooting Star Meme has gained its popularity in January 2017. The song “Shooting Star” were originally composed by the Australian duo Bag Raiders. It was released in the year 2008 and it became a single in 2009. This electro aesthetic music has reached over 49 million views in May 2017. But why it only gained its popularity now when the song is almost a decade old?

The song was a great hit when it started playing on Australia’s Got Talent and rated as Australian Top 50 songs.

Shooting stars meme is a clip that depicts someone or something that is about to fall or something bad happen. Capturing the moment and channel them into different background. (Usually outer space or something that syncs perfectly into the background.)

These are some of my favorite Shooting Stars Meme in YouTube.


Even dogs were included in this meme.


And don’t forget, we have Trump shooting star meme too.


So which is your favorite shooting star meme?


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