5 Things You Should Know When You Turn 21

Everyone has been through the age of 21. Well, technically not for some Gen Y and even more so, Gen Z. When you turn 21 people has always considered you as a young adult. This is when you have reached the legal age of drinking, gambling, smoking etc. You can do whatever you want like what adults do without anybody controlling you. (Except for some insecure parents of course). When you turned 21 you definitely will have some thoughts on how you move on with life. Realistically, there are few things that you opt to know before your real life begins.

1. Life is Not Smooth as You Think It Is

Yes, that’s right. There are ups and downs in life. Be prepared to embrace the waves of uncertainty in life. Nobody shall foresee their own future on what they are facing. Always expect that sometimes you will have a rough time. Whether it could be in a relationship, financial problem, your job, or even someone had passed away. Always cope with it and move on. There is a quote saying:

There is always a rainbow after a heavy rain

You will never get to enjoy your life fully when you never been through this.

Boat in Waves.gif

2. Start Thinking About Your Future

You are just a few years away from getting a college degree and getting a full-time job after graduating. You should start thinking what you really want to do in life. Many of you will be thinking:”It’s just a few years away, I can think of that after I graduate.” Here’s the thing, DON’T EVER THINK OF THIS AFTER YOU GRADUATE.

Source: parentingwithdrpar

Many people have the tendency to drag about their life purpose until they graduate. However, there are still a few people who doesn’t know what they want to do in life. Sometimes the education they obtained may not be what they want to be in future. Sometimes, they took the wrong path and go for other fields. You will lose track of your mindset and it will be too late for you to start thinking about your future after you graduate. (If you are certain and like in your studies, congratulations and go ahead with your right career path.)

3. Know Some Investments

Many of the teens have been relying on parents to set their financial plan for the future. However, Gen Y and Gen Z shall opt to know some investment terms where you can put your finance knowledge into good used in future. After you graduate, you are bound to hear some financial terms like stocks, bonds, unit trust, equity etc. These are financial terms saying the prices of the options are going up (bullish) or going down (bearish). Learning some financial terms not only help you grow your money, and also help to protect yourself from getting conned from a conman.

Homer simpson investment.gif

4. Be Street-Smart

Life isn’t about black and white, and not all about study-smart. Gen Y and Gen Z shall also need to be street-smart in this competitive world. Gen Y and Gen Z shall possess multiple talents as the companies right now are looking for young adults who are multi-talented, strong analytical and leadership skills. They like young adults to have more general knowledge than a bookworm as they are more well-versed and more charismatic. (Just like Leonardo Dicarpio)

leonardo street smart.gif

5. It’s Not Always About Partying

When you have reached 21 you will have the back of your mind thinking:”What to do on weekends?” or “What clothes should I wear for Sandra’s party?” Clubbing, Drinking, playing VR, it isn’t about playing all the time. When you are 21, you should have to take more responsibilities in life to achieve your goals. Start setting up your short-term and long-term goals. You have to know that life is tough and be mentally prepared to face challenges given to you to achieve your dreams.

Source: writeyourright

Being 21 is not all about playing, clubbing or smoking. It’s about how you move on from here. Being a successful person or unsuccessful person, it is YOU to decide.




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